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Custom Lanyard

Sep 16

Things to think about when you are customising your Lanyards

Custom Lanyards are indispensable in numerous locations, including hospitals, schools, offices as well as during conferences and other events.

The advantage of using custom lanyards is that they are able to identify people and aid in restrict access to buildings and also control security. What is really appealing about them is the fact that they can be easily customized to fit a specific context or location.

If you're in the market for personalized lanyards, there's numerous factors you should consider and here are some.

Purpose and function

Before you decide to customize the lanyard, you need to think about what it's likely to be used for and by who. What are you hoping to accomplish with the custom lanyard?

When you know all the information you need to answer these vital questions, it makes designing your lanyard a lot easier and faster.


Custom Lanyards come in a range of styles and colours that you can customize to fit your specific location or environment. For instance, if require lanyards to represent a large company, you can choose distinct colours for various job functions or departments. In higher education Custom Lanyard in different colors are a way to differentiate employees from students.

If you require lanyards for an event in particular for example, the annual festival or conference and you want to customize them to include various styles or colors could aid in separating delegates from people who have paid for the standard cost versus those who be paying extra or having access to VIP, for instance.

A lot of people also customize their lanyards with colors that match the company's logo, meaning that the lanyard is an integral part of the company's image. If you wear a lanyard walking around and are viewed by people who have the logo and colours of the company in full view This can also be used as a method of marketing.

In reality you don't have to use lanyards with colors on them. You can customize the lanyards to have the words you want to print or even logos, where you can pick various fonts and other features to fit the specific environment.

Materials and fashion

When you are customizing your lanyards fit your individual preferences or circumstance, you'll have to consider the kind of materials and styles you'd like. There are many options available that include nylon, woven and moulded PVC that you can custom design, and many more. Some materials serve great functional benefits however, others appear more elegant with a satin, smooth surface, which is why they are great to represent your company's image. crucial.

If you are planning to use your custom lanyard outside it is advisable to choose the right material to deal with the elements outside. In the end, the most important thing you want is to see the design be splattered on the lanyard, or get rubbed off when it gets wet!

Lanyards used in extremely hot environments could also require modified to withstand the conditions by, for instance, using heat resistant materials or fittings made of plastic rather than metal.

Another thing you may want to take into consideration when designing the lanyards you choose to use is how green they are. It's worth noting that a few Lanyards are currently made of recycled materials If taking care of the environment is important to you, then this may be a good option.

Of course that when choosing different materials , and other features you could consider incorporating when designing your lanyards and lanyards, the amount you're willing to spend will decide what you can decide to, and shouldn't.

But, if the belts will see lots of use and could be used by a variety of people, it's best to selecting the best quality alternatives you can afford to ensure long-lasting use.

Size dimensions

If you want to customize your lanyards you'll be able to select several sizes. It is important to consider the function of the custom lanyard before determining the size you require.

If you are planning to add an image or a message on your lanyard so that it is able to identify an individual as a department perhaps as an advertising tool, you may want to select one with broad dimensions, so that the printed message can be clearly seen. If you intend to use the lanyard to serve a purpose for example, like entering a building, smaller sizes may be sufficient.

Also think about length. If the lanyard is connected to the access card which has to be used frequently at entrances, it could be better to choose an extended length to ensure that the wearer does not have to remove it each when they enter a building. A shorter length may be more for lanyards that are only used for ID cards.

Clips and fittings

Another crucial aspect to take into consideration when designing the lanyard is to decide on what kind of clips and fittings you will need. It will depend on the purpose you plan to make use of the lanyard it, like an ID card as well as an access card holder , or to hold an ointment bottle, a small bottle of cleaning solution, for example.

There are a variety of hooks and clips to pick from in a variety of styles and sizes along with various buckles to secure the lanyard on the rear part of your neck.

If the custom lanyard you're using will be used to attach an access card for skiing, then you'll want to consider adding a badge or pass reel. There are a variety of styles and designs to pick from.

Badge holders

The majority of customised lanyards come by a badgeholder that can be used to display identification or as an access card or payment card. You'll have many options in selecting the design and color of badge holders you'd liketo use, as well as whether or not you'd like these to be displayed horizontally or vertically.

If you'd like your card to easily noticed and observed by others and is therefore important, you should select a badge holder that is larger, as opposed to smaller ones that could be more appropriate for an purely practical purpose for example, the use of an access card.

If you'd like further guidance and advice on customizing your lanyards according to your needs and preferences. Contact Aquaholic's experts on your promotional needs today.